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Network Design

CMSS can help if you are not networked or if your current network is not functioning properly. We don't come in with a "We'll change the way you do business!" approach. The way you do business may be just fine. We'll just help you do it more efficiently and reliably.

Our fee policy is easy to understand. There is no charge to take an initial look and give a general opinion. If you want a network designed, you will be charged for the design (or redesign) based on the size of the network. If you have the work done by us, then you will be credited for 50% of the design charges.

Network Installation

CMSS will install everything from data and modem cabling to hardware and software. Your existing software and data will be evaluated and, where appropriate, it will be moved onto the new network.

Network Support

CMSS provides support for small to medium-sized networks. We specialize in providing full network administration as well as hardware support for those firms that cannot spare the manpower and/or financial resources to maintain their own system.

We have such confidence in the quality of our service that we don't lock our customers in by demanding Maintenance Agreements be paid a year in advance or by selling blocks of hours (like most others). Since 1992 we have only allowed new clients to pay monthly and they can cancel simply by giving us 30 days advance notice.

Web Site Design

CMSS is aligned with one of the fastest growing Web Site design firms in the northeast.


Limited on-site training is provided as necessary. Our primary focus is to get beginning users up and running on their new system.

General Consulting

For the business that wishes to come up with a bid specification to use for "comparing apples to apples," CMSS will evaluate your needs and generate all of the detail documentation for your shopping list. We'll even help you interview prospective vendors and manage the installation process.



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